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Top 5 Most Unique Wall Decals From Wheatpaste

October 16, 2013 / Uncategorized

Wheatpaste Art Collective has it ALL … canvas wall art, art prints, wall decals, wall murals, and awesome decorating ideas! Our wall decor is incredibly creative and unique, and if you’ve visited our site before, I’m sure you’ll agree.

But for those first-time goers, Wheatpaste employees got together for a special lunchroom collaboration to pick our top 5 most unique wall decals (in no particular order) to keep you in the loop with the amazing, original wall art we have to offer. With Wheatpaste, you’ll always find wall decor you love!

The Trench by Jolby & Friends Most Unique Ocean Decal

Cartoon creatures and deep-diving fish unite in one of our most unique Wheatpaste wall decals. Jolby & Friends created some seriously interesting characters in this ocean scene, fantasy piece! Show off your artistic style with this detailed teen wall decor, and immerse yourself in a whole new world of sea life and imagination.



Doom Buddy III by Aesthetic Apparatus Most Unique Creature Decal

You can’t get much more unique than an imaginary creature from a different world! This mega-sized monster is staring you down like you’d make a tasty snack … and his stomach is a growlin’! Doom Buddy is cool, colorful, and oober creative. Check out all the different versions of Doom Buddy monster decals and pick out your favorite to hang in your room or dorm!



Ceremonial Tiger – Electric by WP House Most Unique Animal Decal

A tiger in a feathered headdress? Who would’ve thought that would make such an intriguing piece of wall art? WP House, that’s who! This electrifying kitty is strong, beautiful, and most definitely unique! The flashy, neon colors and overlapping patterns give this tiger poster an undeniable appeal. Stick this wall decal up and you’ll be the coolest cat around (with the exception of this tiger, of course).




Anonymous Catwalk by Ann Sophie Staerk Most Unique Fashion Decal

Strike a pose! Fine art and fashion make an amazing combo in this mysterious, eye-catching wall decal. Faces and features are left entirely to the imagination, and bursts of colorful, futuristic beams fill the floor of this fashion poster for an extra special catwalk. Been looking for a highly original and fiercely fashionable piece of wall art? Wheatpaste has you covered.



Low Voltage by Paste FaceMost Unique Sports Decal

The glowing skater dude in this abstract wall art is flippin’ and grindin’ his way through a land of hypnotic patterns. The rad, retro feel and mesmerizing background give this teen sports decal its own distinct, Paste Face style. Look up more of their art on our site and you’ll see what we mean!


So, there you have it! And the list goes on and on … we have an endless selection of cool, unique wall art and wall decals available!

But, what makes Wheatpaste teen wall decals better than the rest?

They are an exceptionally easy and affordable way to decorate! Wheatpaste wall decals are removable and reusable, don’t require tape or tacks, and won’t rip, tear, or stretch like vinyl decals. You can switch ’em out and redecorate without breaking the bank too!

All of our teen wall decals and posters that stick are printed in the United States and made with earth-friendly, non-toxic ink. So you can stay environmentally-conscious while you add splashes of color and style to your dorm or room. It just doesn’t get much better than that!