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The Fashion-Forward Spring Makeover Of A Lifetime

March 21, 2014 / Products We Love

Ahh, spring! The sun is shining more and more, and the flowers are blooming all around. It’s the perfect time to start fresh and give your room or dorm a Fashion-Forward Spring Makeover! And Wheatpaste Art Collective is here to make it happen!

Our collection of teen room decor is bold, bright, sassy, and insanely creative. You can design a whole new look for your space that EVERYONE will be talking about!

Wheatpaste is loaded with fashion art for teens, tweens, young adults, and everyone above and in between. So read on, and get ready to make your walls fabulous and fashionable…

To help inspire your inner fashionista – here’s some of our favorite Fashion-Forward Teen Art to give your room that unbeatable combination of cool, unique, artsy, and chic.


 1.  CHIC & STYLISH – Fashion Art by Izak Zenou

Izak Zenou is a stylishly quirky presence in the world of fashion illustration. His work, long associated with exclusive brands and publications, conveys a breezy style and enchanting view of life. Izak’s women are attractive, charming, feminine, and modern. His everyday vignettes possess quirky charm and lighthearted delight. Izak’s colorful, magical world lends a fun fashion authority wherever he puts his brush. Add some of his teen wall art to your collection and instantly take those walls from drab to FAB!





 “Socialize Fashionably

Socialize Fashionably


 “Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine


 “Cafe Girls

Cafe Girls




 2.  A WORLD OF TRENDS – Fashion Art by Natalie Alexander

Natalie is a British-born illustrator and graphic designer living in Toronto, Canada. She is inspired by both urban landscapes and the peace and tranquility of rural France. Visits to different parts of the world have provided her with source material for her designs. And it shines through in her captivating teen room decor. Cover your walls with cities you’ve been to and ones you’d love to travel to with this cool collection of teen art for the trendy travel enthusiast!  


City Girl – New York

City Girl - New York


City Girl – London

City Girl - London


City Girl – Los Angeles

City Girl - Los Angeles


City Girl – Paris

City Girl - Paris




 3.  CATWALK READY – Fashion Art by Joan Coleman

Joan Coleman is best known for her versatility and tenacious design strategy. She specializes in creating fashion-forward artwork, utilizing a variety of techniques and mediums. Joan derives inspiration from photography, interior design, music, and crafting, and has a zealous interest in the world of pastry and cake decorating. These runway-style designs will inspire you and your friends to take your fashion, and teen room decor, to the next level! Just pick your favorite pose and go for it!


 Catwalk – Confident

Catwalk - Confident


Catwalk – Classic

Catwalk - Classic


Catwalk – Couture

Catwalk - Couture


Catwalk – Chic

Catwalk - Chic


So, there you have it! We weren’t kidding … Wheatpaste is jam-packed with teen fashion art to fulfill all your decorating dreams. And there’s even MORE where that came from! This sensational season is all about spring break, spring cleaning (sorry, but we had to throw that one in there!) and, of course, spring re-decorating!

Teen wall art from Wheatpaste is living proof that fashion can be fun in more ways than one. Check out our ONLINE STORE and show off your sense of style – not just with your clothes, but by giving your room the hippest fashion-forward spring makeover of a lifetime! 







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