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Melanie Greenwood is the founder and art director of Vision City, a graphic design and photography studio in Southern California. Melanie graduated from George Brown College in Toronto, Canada with a diploma in graphic design. After traveling the world on rock tours with her musician husband and working for several years as a fashion model with Elmer Olsen Models, Melanie naturally focuses her attention on music branding; cover artwork, logo design and promotional campaigns. Melanie has launched two art collections, including the critically acclaimed “Born for this” series that has been recognized on an international level. Each print is designed to be an inspirational addition to any space and features Melanie’s signature black ink. Melanie was also recently awarded the “CD Artwork of the Year” award at the CGMA event in Toronto, Canada. With each project, Melanie aims to challenge herself to develop new and innovative ways to represent her clients. For more information, please visit Melanie’s website

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