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Skull Wall Art

Wheatpaste’s collection of skull decor is so rad it’s scary. Ranging from darkly gothic to vibrant and contemporary, you’ll find a selection of skull teen room decorations with an edginess that teens will love and a uniqueness that adults will appreciate.

  • Brian Love

    From: $189.00

    To: $389.00

  • Jennifer Mercede

    From: $59.00

    To: $259.00

  • Jennifer Mercede

    From: $20.00

    To: $39.00


Skull art doesn’t have to be horrifying to be awesome. Wheatpaste Art Collective has put together a collection of skull paintings and skull room decorations for teens that will please parents while getting teens stoked. These aren’t ordinary skull prints or skull posters found everywhere – our skull artwork makes awesome skull bedroom decor for weird art-lovers of all ages, and you can find decorating ideas for teen bedrooms with skull art that range from vintage-inspired to totally contemporary.