Set Ascending Direction

Teen boy wall decor doesn’t have to come from a big box store. Stand apart from the rest with radical self adhesive wall murals for teen boys from Wheatpaste! Our epic collection of wallpaper wall murals for teen boys make finding unique teen boy room decor a snap – all you have to do is snag one of our teen boy wall decal murals and the room is complete! All teen boy wall sticker murals depict an exclusive scene only available from Wheatpaste Art Collective.

Wall Murals for Boys

Hit a home run with Wheatpaste Art Collective's exclusive collection of wall murals for boys! Our bedroom wall murals allow you to plaster rad images on your wall in one fell swoop without tape, tacks, or wallpaper glue. We offer a variety of themes (including sports wall murals and personalized teen wall art) to provide plenty of options that you and your teen can agree on. Unlike vinyl wall murals for boys, you can remove and reposition our fabric wall murals for boys without worry of stretching or leaving behind a sticky mess. Each design in our collection of wall murals for boys is completely exclusive to Wheatpaste Art Collective, so you don't have to settle for boring or dull decor from generic retailers. These giant designs make fantastic additions to bedroom, living room, or dorm room decor, so check out all of the wall murals for boys from Wheatpaste to find awe-inspired giant art prints today.
Teen Boy Wall Murals
Teen Boy Wall Coverings
Your varsity athlete will love teen boy wall murals from Wheatpaste Art Collective. With sports designs including motocross, soccer, football, and more, these wall murals for teenagers are an awesome way to cover a wall without paint or nails. Each one of Wheatpaste's teen boy wall murals is printed in the United States on a durable fabric blend using the giclee printing method, which ensures unparalleled quality and color vibrance that lasts. Acting as wall murals wallpaper, these insane graphics need no glue to stay up and won't lose stickiness if moved. Dimensions include 72"x 54" and 54" x 54" and can easily be put up by an individual (but a buddy never hurts). Find awesome teen boy wall murals from Wheatpaste to add unique boy artwork that teenagers and parents both love.
Finding unique, high-quality, affordable teen boy wall coverings that parents and teens both love can be a challenge - Wheatpaste Art Collective to the rescue! Our collection of wall mural designs range from snowboarding art to basketball wall decals, giving you plenty of teen boy wall coverings that are easy to agree on. Since each one of Wheatpaste's large wall murals is printed-to-order on a durable fabric, they can stick and re-stick for those who seek flexibility to change up teen boy wall decor at a whim. Wheatpaste is committed to offering American-made exclusive designs that stand apart from the big-box wall decor solutions that lack creativity or spark, so shop for teen boy wall coverings at Wheatpaste Art Collective to support American businesses and independent artists!

Unique Boy Wall Murals

From BMX to baseball, Wheatpaste has the dopest collection of unique boy wall murals around. Our custom wall murals have been designed by some of the greatest artists working today and each one of our teen boys bedroom wall murals gets printed in California using the giclee art reproduction method. This ensures that your unique boy wall murals are made to last with high-quality graphics that totally sizzle. Several of our unique boy wall murals for sale are also available with personalization, allowing you to create your own custom wall murals in a snap. Plus, each one of our unique boy wall murals is printed-to-order on a durable fabric blend (not vinyl), which means you can stick and re-stick your teen boy wall murals without tape, tacks, glue, or ripping. Give your guy the freedom to choose their own room decor - shop for unique boy wall murals from Wheatpaste Art Collective. Your teen and your wallet will thank you!
Unique Murals for Boys
Unique Wall Coverings for Boys
Whether you have an all-star QB or slugger on your hands, Wheatpaste's collection of unique murals for boys provide a different option for those seeking incredible teen boy room decor. All of our boy wall murals are printed as giclee art prints on stickable fabric, which allows you the freedom to stick and re-stick your unique murals for boys without worrying about stretching or ripping like removable wall murals made of vinyl. Plus, all of our unique murals for boys are created right here in the United States and each design is exclusively available as teen boy wall murals from Wheatpaste. Buy unique murals for boys from Wheatpaste Art Collective to buy cool wall art for teen boys today!
Forget ripped out magazine ads and the same dull room decor in every major department store - unique wall coverings for boys exist and Wheatpaste can help you find the perfect one! Our boys wall murals are high-quality, American-made removable wall decals that are exclusively available from Wheatpaste Art Collective, ensuring that your teen boy room decor is unique and stands apart. With plenty of sports wall decals for sale, your skater, BMXer, or baseball player is sure to love the way their room looks with unique wall coverings for boys from Wheatpaste. Don't settle for sup-par, generic vinyl wall decals for teen boys - shop for unique wall coverings for boys from Wheatpaste Art Collective.