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Whether you’re a tween, twentysomething, or in between, girls gush over Wheatpaste’s teen girl wall mural collection. Once you add teen girl wallpaper decals to a room, your amazing taste will be the talk of the town. Plus, all teenage girl wall murals and other teen girl wall decor from Wheatpaste Art Collective have been hand-picked to make sure only the most epic of designs makes it to your wall. Take a peek at our custom wall murals for teen girls and upgrade your dorm room decor, apartment wall art, or bedroom decor with wall art murals for teen girls today.

Wall Murals for Girls

Create a décor paradise with wall murals for girls from Wheatpaste Art Collective. Our collection of wall murals ideas for tween, teen, and college girls includes designs by French Bull by Jackie Shapiro, JoelleJoy, Tidal Photography, and more to ensure you have plenty of options to complement existing room decor. Each one of our teenage girl wall murals is exclusively available through Wheatpaste Art Collective and the entire collection is printed in the USA. All wall art murals are printed-to-order on a stickable fabric blend, providing brighter and more durable wall murals for girls than vinyl wall murals for girls found in generic stores; each one can be stuck and re-stuck if you relocated or just feel like switching things up! Find affordable, high-quality teen girl wall art in Wheatpaste Art Collective's exclusive selection of wall murals for girls to create an escape today.
Teen Girl Wall Murals
Teen Girl Wall Coverings
Find art as unique as she is with teen girl wall murals from Wheatpaste! We've put together an amazing collection of teen girl bedroom wall murals that are filled with awesome graphics, bright colors, and scenes from the tropics as well as abstract floral wall art. Our giant wall murals are available in 54" x 54" or 72" x 54", which means you can re-vamp an entire wall in a moment with Wheatpaste's teen girl wall murals. Since all of our unique wall coverings are printed in California, when you buy teen girl wall murals from Wheatpaste, you're guaranteed high-quality and unique wall coverings for girls that are printed in America. Shop for teen girl wall murals from Wheatpaste to transform your room instantly!
Find teen girl wall coverings that are as unique as each girl; modern wall murals from Wheatpaste are stickable wall murals wallpaper that don't require glue, tacks, or tape to look great from your walls. Designs range from surf art prints to stickable abstract wall murals, giving you plenty of options for teen girl wall decor that look amazing and won't break the bank. Unlike vinyl wall murals, these fabric-based teen girl wall coverings for sale are printed using the giclee printing method to be able to stick and re-stick without tearing or stretching. Whether you need teen girl bedroom art or dorm room decor, stickable teen girl wall coverings from Wheatpaste Art Collective are easy to put up and enjoy - the challenge will be choosing just one.

Unique Girl Wall Murals

Looking for wall mural art that won't set you back serious bones? Wheatpaste Art Collective offers large wall murals unlike anything you've ever seen. We've scouted the globe to put together a group of wall mural art prints from some of the most interesting artists, illustrators, and designers working today to bring you unique girl wall murals that tweens, teens, and college girls will swoon for. These fabric based decals are exclusively available as unique girl wall murals for sale from Wheatpaste, meaning you won't find these teen girl wall coverings in any big-box store. Our custom wall murals are sure to set you and your wall art apart from the rest with their top quality color vibrance and amazing clarity that can't be acheived in vinyl wall murals for girls. Plus, what makes these unique girl wall murals so unique is the fabric blend that they are giclee printed on, which makes them much more durable than run-of-the-mill removable wallpaper. See what all the fuss is about - explore Wheatpaste Art Collective's selection of unique girl wall murals to discover an awesome and affordable way to make over your teen girl room decor.
Unique Murals for Girls
Unique Wall Coverings for Girls
Teenagers can change their minds at the drop of a hat, so don't commit to paint or huge wall art that they'll outgrow. Adding unique murals for girls to their room décor is a surefire way to please parents and teens with quality and affordability. Wheatpaste Art Collective's wallpaper wall murals feature amazing color quality and a unique fabric blend that allows you to remove and reposition wall murals for teenagers without losing stickiness or leaving behind residue (making them great for apartment or dorm room decor!). Check out all of the unique murals for girls from Wheatpaste to kiss generic, dull decor goodbye.
Need teen girl room ideas that gives them flexibility to change things up without committing to several major room décor projects? Wheatpaste offers tons of unique wall coverings for girls that are sure to inspire shrieks of joy from tweens and teens. Our exclusive shop of teen girl wall murals offers photographic art prints as well as contemorary removable wall murals to provide plenty of options for a variety of room decor. These high quality, unique wall coverings for girls are printed in San Diego on a stickable fabric blend using the giclee print method, ensuring tip top color and clarity that lasts as long as their interest does.