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Monthly Archives: February 2012

  • Optical Fiber at Space 1026

    Space 1026 has no real explanation of what it is, but from what we can gather it’s a pretty rad creative community smack in the heart of Philly. Unconventional artistic experimentation seems to be the glue holding it together, and we’re super stoked on the upcoming show opening Friday, March 2ndOptical Fiber.

    Textile craft and fiber arts often lurk in the gray area in between flatwork and sculpture, and Optical Fiber has gathered together some of the funky-fab-freshest artists doin’ their thang today. Presented in tandem with Fiber Philadelphia, work from New Friends, Takashi Iwasaki, Annie Larson, Erin M Riley, Allison Watkins and Megan Whitmarsh will explore the craft of fiber arts in unique ways.

    With backgrounds in 80’s pop culture and custom-sweater making, this small group of textile-lovin’ ladies is sure to pack a mean visual punch, and we’re just bummed we’re going to miss what’s sure to be a rockin’ opening reception (which takes place from 7-10 PM this Friday at 1026 Arch Street in Philadelphia). The exhibition runs through March 31st, and we can’t stress enough how rad this is going to be. Fiber! Sweaters! Soft sculpture totems! Don’t miss it!

    Space 1026
    1026 Arch Street 2nd Floor
    Philadelphia PA, 19107

  • I Am Not A Hipster

    Hipsters – we all know them, we’ve all seen them, and some of us might actually be them! Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re inescapable and can often be fascinating studies in contemporary culture.

    I Am Not A Hipster premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to many a surprised critic expecting the regular pretentious tongue-in-cheek and fashionably sarcastic wit attributed to the subculture. That expectation was shattered across the board as an “emotionally rich” view into the life of Brook, a San Diego indie musician took viewers on a journey of isolation, exploration, life, and loss. His struggles to balance his career as a budding musician laced with personal tragedy shed light on the basic humanity in all of us, hipster or not.

    San Diego has an amazingly tight-knit music community, and they’re finally having their shot in the limelight with the haunting score and soundtrack (not yet released). The upcoming soundtrack from I Am Not A Hipster features San Diego artists Black Mamba, Cuckoo Chaos, the Donkeys, the radically-named Jamuel Saxon, as well as CANINES, who provided the original score for the film. It hasn’t yet been released into distribution, but art and music lovers can follow the film’s journey on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Fingers crossed for nationwide viewings soon!

  • Wild Flag is Rad. Period.

    If you remember the days of mixtapes recorded off the radio, MTV pre-reality shows, and when AOL was THE internet provider to have, then hats off! This post is for you.

    90’s nostalgia isn’t complete without a nod to the indie music scene, particularly the riot grrrl movement of the Pacific Northwest. This punk rock-laced movement mixed with splashes of grunge and hints of indie provided an escape for boys and girls disgruntled with society, but without the rage often attributed to punk and hardcore. Sleater-Kinney, Sonic Youth, and Bikini Kill were the top names of the underground scene, and we’re lucky enough today to enjoy the sounds of their spawn in Wild Flag.

    With members Carrie Brownstein (of Portlandia fame), Mary Timothy, Rebecca Cole, and Janet Weiss’ combined resumes, they hail from some of the top groups of the post-punk movement. It’s easy to hear the experiences melding together on their releases, self-titled Wild Flag and the 7” Future Crimes. Part punk, part indie, and all awesome, their singles “Future Crimes” and “Romance” have been featured on late-night talk shows and major music events like SXSW, along with the upcoming Coachella and Sasquatch arts and music fests.

    Their 2012 tour puts them anywhere and everywhere – from Australia to Boston, Mexico City, and of course Portland. You can pick up their record online or at any local record shop, and with pop beats and guttural-yet-symphonic vocals, it’s sure to be on repeat for quite some time. Break out your corduroys and Buddy Holly glasses and relish in the Nineties Revolution!

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