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Monthly Archives: May 2012

  • Our Top Threadless T-shirt Picks

    Everybody loves a good laser cat shirt, and Threadless has got ‘em! If you dig snarky slogans, cartoon critters, or ironic quips, then the Threadless t-shirt collection is definitely for you. We’ve put together a small snippet of our fave designs for girls and guys (and believe us, this was no small task).

    Mr. Mittens’ Big Adventure – it’s got space. It’s got lasers. It’s got cats. What more could you possibly want from this tee by Joe Van Wetering?! Color in the Dark features ghosts and GLOWS IN THE DARK. We’re suckers for glowing things. We’re also suckers for bacon, so Group Hug by Mellin Paulo Bernardo rounds up our top 3 Threadless picks nicely. Most Threadless tees are available for men and women, so the perfect fit is generally available for a low price!

    We selected some amazeball Wheatpaste artists that look totally snappy paired with some Threadless kicks. Rad cats with neon? We’ve got that covered with “Architecture of Deceit” by Lucas Irwin. Kitschy cartoons that boggle your eyes? How about the psychedelic “Lips” by Dan Stiles? Yep, that’ll do. Bizarre critters have their heyday with “Gemini Pals” by Roman Klonek.

    For more funky canvas wall art pieces or adhesive wall art, check out our “Pop” and “Cartoon” themes on Wheatpaste!

  • Our Fave Funky Foods

    With the food truck craze sweeping the nation, Pinterest food boards going completely viral, and farm-to-table dining spawning a new foodie revolution, it’s no surprise there’s a corresponding surge in the exploration of weird food!

    We’re not just talking the Fear Factor terrifying weird food challenges; we just mean re-thinking the concept of food and taking it a step further. Textures, colors, and even just unexpected plating all fall under the surprising, gratifying, and fun world of the weird food experience! Love cupcakes? Of course you do. How about pizza? You bet! But a pepperoni pizza cupcake? Weird, sure, but it’s only the BEST COMBINATION EVER, so everyone is a winner!

    Even art is getting into the funky fresh realm of weird food – Threadless featured this submission of an intricately carved stick of gum into fan fave “Chew”bacca. Our own Jolby put together this picnic pyramid piece only available at Wheatpaste as canvas wall art or fabric wall decals. All our wonderful, wacky, and weird food art is sure to please your sweet (style) tooth, your foodie roommate, or just art lovers hungry for unique wall art.

  • Getting Rad at Machu Picchu, Peru

    Whether it’s sailing down the Amazon on a jungle cruise or just enjoying fish n’ chips at a London pub, there’s nothing more inspiring than soaking in all of the sights, sounds, and smells that this world has to offer. We here at Wheatpaste pride ourselves in our travels, and the latest adventure for one of our own was a 10 day Peruvian adventure, ending with a  4-day trek on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu!

    Since the 1400’s, people from all over the Inca Empire and the world have made the trek from Cuzco to the Sacred City of Machu Picchu. Over 26 miles and a top altitude of 13,200 feet, the trail isn’t for the faint of heart, but we can assure you that the postcard view from the famous Sun Gate makes the experience 100% worth every sore muscle.

    Machu Picchu is one of the most revered spiritual locations in South America, and with temples to the sun, moon, water, condor, and Mother Earth (known in the indigenous Quechua language as “Pachamama”), there’s no end of spiritual energy to be found in this remote location.

    Not a trekker? Peru is also known for some absolutely insane seafood if you like to eat. If you garner even the slightest inkling of interest in ceviche, we can’t stress how amazing it is in Lima! With world class restaurants and a vibrant street art culture, Peru is chock-full of inspiration for all ages.

    Peruvian textiles are also renowned as some of the best in the world. Artisans and craftsmen have handed down their skills for generations, and we were able to visit one of the remote villages where, through companies like G Adventures and Planeterra, the local men work as porters for trekkers and the women run daily life raising alpacas to weave their prized hair into gorgeous works of art. Hand sheared, hand sewn, and hand dyed, these tapestries support the local culture and keep the generational skills alive and thriving.

    With school, jobs, and just life, we totally understand how difficult it is to travel the world - even as badly as we want to all the time! Why not bring the culture of the world into your home?

    If you’re interested in travel-inspired cool posters or other affordable art perfect for a dorm room décor/your new apartment/etc. - check out our “Global” theme! We’ve got fabric wall decals and other unique wall art with rad imagery from all over the globe.

    Looking for something a little more specific? Search “mountain” and get a bunch of sweet adhesive wall art and canvas wall art options that will change your room’s whole altitude! (See what we did there??) With our collection of inspired art for your walls, you can create an entirely new world right at home.

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