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Monthly Archives: December 2012

  • New Year's Eve Party Playlist

    New Year's Eve is supposed to rock

    ...and we're here to make sure that happens. Don't get caught with crickets on the dance floor - it's easy to keep the party rockin' with this foolproof New Year's Eve party playlist from Wheatpaste Art Collective.

    With an awesome mix of chart-topping hits sure to please everyone in the crowd, your party is guaranteed to hop until the break of dawn with this New Year's Eve party playlist. Use Pandora, explore Spotify, prep your iPod, or just burn a CD - just let us do the work for you!

    • 1999 by Prince
    • Til the World Ends by Britney Spears
    • It's Tricky by Run DMC
    • Just Dance by Lady Gaga
    • Rock n' Roll All Night by KISS
    • Fight For Your Right To Party by Beastie Boys
    • Magic by The Cars
    • Hey Ya! by Outkast
    • Age of Consent by New Order
    • Midnight City by M83
    • Let's Dance by David Bowie
    • Lonely Boy by Black Keys
    • Jump Around by House of Pain
    • Rockafeller Skank by Fatboy Slim
    • Auld Lang Syne
  • Affordable (and Awesome) Gifts for College Students

    Finding awesome, trendy, and affordable gifts for college students...

    can be a tall order, we know. That’s why Wheatpaste Art Collective has put together some awesome ideas so that you can easily find gifts for college students without fearing the dreaded face of disappointment Christmas morning!

    Chalk to-go cup at Urban Outfitters

    Coffee may be the only reason that your college student actually makes it to class, so embrace the beans and let ‘em drink up in style. Ceramic to-go coffee mugs are uh-may-zing gifts for college students that A) look rad, B) serve a purpose, and C) generally run less than $20, so consider snagging one (or several) to keep the java flowing and the attendance high!

    Rad headphones by URBANEARS

    Whether you live in a dorm or apartment, college students are generally squeezed in tighter than sardines, meaning privacy can be tough to come by. Pop on a pair of these suckers and not only can you drown out the world (leaving you free to focus on that pesky paper you’ve been procrastinating on), you’ll turn heads with your impeccable style sense. Available in multiple colors to fit you perfectly.

    Leopard Pullover Sweatshirt by Wildfox

    This one’s for the ladies out there! We know it can be tough to look your best for your 8 AM lecture, but that’s no reason to rock slippers and PJs every day. This totally fierce sweatshirt screams comfort while maintaining an edge that’ll make your lab partner look twice.

    Ron Swanson t-shirt from Etsy seller courtney2kdesign

    You may have thought you heard me say I wanted a lot of bacon and eggs, but what I said was: Give me all the bacon and eggs you have.” Never a manlier man has there been since Ron Swanson entered the world through Parks and Recreation. He’s not shy about telling it exactly like it is or giving advice whether it’s requested or not. Still, he has a heart of gold and a mustache that’s hard to top, so this is our top pick for the matriculating manly man in your fam.

    Adventure Time Wallet by Poketo x Jolby

    College students top the list of People Who Lose Stuff Constantly, including IDs, car keys, room keys, cash, debit cards, etc. As the last awesome-yet-practical gifts for college students idea, we give you the Adventure Time wallet from Poketo, designed by our faves Jolby & Friends. Never again shall the frantic call of “I lost my ID!” get rallied! No more shall you have to spot a fiver in the dining hall! Plus, Poketo wallets are super cool, so feel free to refresh every year to stay trendy.

    Greek Letter Decals from Wheatpaste Art Collective

    You didn’t think we’d skip ourselves, did you?! Spring rush is coming up, so show your Greek Pride with no-vinyl wall letters by Wheatpaste. We have you covered from Alphas to Zetas, and with 2 sizes available, you’ll be able to select the size that works for your student. Plus, as durable and removable wall stickers, they’re wall-friendly for dorms or apartments!

    Pixel Skull Posters That Stick by Wheatpaste Art Collective x Nate Duval

    Stickable posters from Wheatpaste are durable, affordable, come in multiple sizes, and are available in hundreds of designs, making them wonderful gifts for college students who need to deck their dorm. Geek chic is totally in right now, so snag “Pixel Skull” by Nate Duval and rest assured that all the suitemates will be pleased by the addition of style.

    There are only 20 more shopping days until Christmas, so take our advice and stock up on these gifts for college students to create your own Christmas miracle this year!

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