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Meet Beth Demmon from Wheatpaste Art Collective


Homebrew + food truck enthusiast with one cat and a coffee addiction.

Our Meet + Greet this week is with Beth Demmon, our Head Honcho of Jibber Jabber here at Wheatpaste Art Collective. A 27 year old from California to Virginia and back again, she's is an artophile with a BFA in Painting/Printmaking and a hardcore Potterhead. She's awesome, we heart her, so lets chat her up!

Wheatpaste Art Collective
If you could pick any Wheatpaste Art Collective artist to do a collaboration with, who would it be?
Beth Demmon: That's a toughie, but I'd probably have to go with Hannah Stouffer because I'm a pretty huge fangirl of hers. I may or may not already have a few of her Posters That Stick, Blood is the New Black shirts, iPhone case... so getting to collab with her would be a total dream.

WPIf you could only listen to one band for the rest of your life, who would you pick?
BD: Probably the Clash. They span so many different musical styles that it would be like listening to a bunch of bands. RIP JOE!

WPWhat is your star sign?
BD: Taurus. I was born in the Year of the Bull as well, so I'm doubly stubborn, yet practical.

WPThree things you should know about Beth Demmon...
BD: One of the most interesting things about me is when I was 15, I won a week-long trip to Hawaii from PacSun/O'Neill/PlayStation to watch the Pipe Masters. People really do win those things! Second, I'm obsessed with Asian culture and want to go to Japan/Korea/Vietnam to eat, drink, visit shrines, get tattooed, collect prints, and soak up all things Eastern- I probably won't come back. Lastly, I've been perfecting my mom's salsa recipe and hope to one day launch my own salsa company. Look out!

WP: If you could play a character on the next Harry Potter Film who would it be?
BD: THERE IS NO NEXT HARRY POTTER MOVIE! Thanks for the reminder, not. If I had to play a character from a HP movie, it would be someone in Slytherin because it seems more fun to be a villain.

WPFavorite place you've traveled?
BD: This past April, my husband and I did the 4-day trek to Machu Picchu in Peru and that was pretty rad. It was super tough and unlike anything I've ever done before, plus the food was insanely good.

WPWhat is your New Year's resolution?
BD: To take on less personal projects this year so I can focus on more time with family and friends.

WPWho is your favorite tattoo artist?
BD: Ridiculously hard to say. My own favorite tattoo was done by Tyler Densley (previously of Seven Seas), but Caz and Surge are off the wall too. I'd love to get tattooed by Ashley Love someday, and some of my favorite artists and shops are Trademark Tattoo, Jasmine at Buju Tattoo, Flying Panther, George Archer at Tantrum Tattoo, and Salvation Gallery.

WP: What is the last concert you attended?
BD: I honestly don't remember. I've stopped going to as many shows as I used to in my old age. Still, I'm seeing Quicksand this month which I'm totally stoked about.

WPSeems like all copywriters are self described-word nerds? What are your favorite words?
BD: "Muffin" and any word with double letters in it. They're like twins! Also, "who" is a weird word. My husband's favorite words are "bucket", "scuba", and "chimney", which are all great too.


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