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Monthly Archives: March 2013

  • Top Picks for Best Chocolate Easter Bunnies

    We are SO ready to nom on some serious chocolate this weekend! Unfortunately, not all chocolate Easter bunnies are created equal. Don't settle for regular ol' grocery store nibbles this year; if you're going to do it, you might as well do it right.

    After extensive (and mouth-wateringly delightful) research, we've put together what we think are the best chocolate Easter bunnies to chow down on this weekend. Throw upcoming-bathing-suit-season paranoia to the wind and get munching!

    Top Picks For This Year's Best Chocolate Easter Bunnies

    1. With dashing bows and a variety of flavors, these stately bun buns from Harbor Sweets are sure to go fast!

    2. You can never go wrong with the class Lindt chocolate Easter bunny. Total decadence.

    3. Truffles are the essence of unbelievable dessert, so if you're looking for a little extra kick to treat yo'self, this truffle-filled bunny from Moonstruck Chocolate is for you!

    4. These chocolate Easter bunnies from Conrad's Candy stand above the rest with impeccable flavor and a unique design that'll get you talking (with your mouth full).

    5. This sweet rabbit wants to give you the best gift of all - deliciousness (from Lake Champlain Chocolates).

    6. Surf a wave of milk chocolate from Laughing Moon!

    7. Woodhouse Chocolate actually made 2 onto our list, so they obviously know what they're doing. With plenty of chocolate Easter bunnies to choose from, we've gotta go with another truffle treat because they cute and delicious.

    8. We're not exactly sure what this laughing rabbit is so jolly about, but since the head is always the first to go, you'll be the one laughing with ecstasy in just moments.

  • Top 10 Design by Humans Shirts

     Top 10 Shirts from Design by Humans

    We love brands that support indie artists, which means we're totally bonkers for Design by Humans! They're a California company (just like us) and it's basically a platform for artists around the world (15,000 and counting) to compete for their art to get plastered on shirts and worn by rad folks all over the place.

    We've gone through and picked our top 10 faves from Design by Humans for guys and gals alike, and it was no easy feat. Design by Humans boasts over a thousand designs from tons of awesome artists, and since the competition is ongoing, only the best and brightest survive. Here's what we came up with!

    1. Dino Frenzy

    Nothing says "I'm the Boss" like a neon T-Rex splashed across your front.

    2. Deep Creature

    Octopii. So hot right now.

    3. [ Space Cat ]

    A cosmic background + a cat = 1 totally awesome design.

    4. Marsupial Madness

    King Kong is so yesterday!

    5. Limited Edition - Bad Pet

    Doo doo humor. Always funny.

    6. Dr. Hoot

    You don't have to be a Dr. Who fan to be cool. Who are we kidding, yes you do!

    7. Limited Edition - Day of the Dead

    Psychedelic, even in death.

    8. M ( O N

    Experience a total eclipse of the tee.

    9. Poked to Death

    Nerds unite!

    10. Fashionable Invaders

    Again with the nerds - we're not ashamed of it. 

    Check out all the Design by Humans collection here - what are you waiting for? Make a statement today!

  • Revisiting Eric Carle

    From books to bedrooms - art by Eric Carle

    Is there anybody who didn't grow up with Eric Carle? His lovable illustrations from The Very Hungry CaterpillarThe Mixed-Up ChameleonMr. Seahorse, and more are recognizable around the world for their unique and totally adorable imagery and prose. Kids from around the world have been introduced to his whimsical designs and as kids grow into teens, teens head to college, and twentysomethings start their own families, the newest generations are getting their own tastes of Eric Carle.

    Wheatpaste may be for those seeking room decorations for teens rather than children, but we're not above getting stoked on things we loved as kids! You're never too old for great art anyway, and that's what we think art by Eric Carle is - great.

    Our sister site Oopsy Daisy, Fine Art For Kids happens to carry tons of wall art by Eric Carle, including children's wall decals, canvas wall art, personalized night lights, and more, and together we're celebrating International Very Hungry Caterpillar Day all month long with plenty of Eric Carle illustrations to set the mood.

    What better way to reminisce about our childhood than with the iconic imagery by Eric Carle? We can remember reading them in school, pouring over the numbers in The Very Hungry Caterpillar at home, and now passing down the classic designs to the new crop of Eric Carle lovers as exclusive wall art.

    Find decor by Eric Carle from Oopsy Daisy, and check out all the ways to celebrate Very Hungry Caterpillar Day with kids - or just yourself!

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