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Monthly Archives: April 2014

  • Creative Easter Egg Decorating - Our Pinterest Picks

    As the old saying goes, don't put all your eggs in one basket! And the same goes for holiday decorating! That's why Wheatpaste has picked and pried through the delightful, and seemingly endless, world of Pinterest to find the snazziest, most Re-Pin worthy, and most creative ways to decorate Easter eggs this year! Plus, we are giving you TONS of teen decor ideas to help make this Easter extra festive and fun!

    EasterHeader2                        "Colossal"   Daniel Chang                                               "Kimono Rabbits"   Jenny Kostecki-Shaw


    9503bce362de4fa86e4b123fd3a239c4 minions

    1. Minions

    These little minions would make an awesome addition to any Easter egg hunt! And they're SO simple to make! You just need some blue and yellow plastic eggs, black electrical tape, a permanent marker, and don't forget those crazy googly eyes! For more on creating these cute Despicable Me characters, here are some quick and easy step-by-step instructions



    53cdcfe70447cf67ea6d3f9a5136d8ff tie dye

    2. Tie-Dye

    Want to give your Easter eggs a vibrant splash from the past? Then decorate them tie-dye style! You can even use traditional food-coloring to do it! Now's your chance to learn how to get this cool tie-dye look that'll catch everyone's attention.



    8b3d6668271110fccc25b4e7b1695507 temporary tattoo

    3. Temporary Tattoos

    SO fresh and hip – temporary tattoos are one of the hottest new ways to decorate Easter eggs! You can create your own temporary tattoos using special paper sold online, or buy stylish pre-made ones from any grocery or craft store. Finally, a mess-free way to decorate! You can even dye the eggs before hand for a more colorful design. Click HERE to see how it's done! 



    3e296647b78b23fe2fb076ebbce78ad8 glitter

    4. Glittered

    It's all about the glitz and glam with these glittery eggs. Just add a little sparkle to the mix and you'll be fancying up your holiday party in no time! It's super crafty too ... you'll need powdered glitter, glue, and a few other things. So go ahead, get your glitter on!



    a0003fb06aeb2be65634389650efc6e0 fun messages

    5. Fun Messages

    Just because it doesn't take as much effort, doesn't mean it isn't one of the cutest and most fun ways to decorate Easter eggs! Write goofy, festive, and loving messages to your friends and family with a black permanent marker, or use whatever color you want! Make this year's egg hunt interesting, and give a special prize to the person who finds The Incredible Egg!



    cc1f25dee0d66f4826832ebfb75b78b9 marbelized

    6. Marbelized

    Bet you never thought you'd find ANOTHER use for your nail polish! Well, we did! This is a fun one, and definitely a Re-Pin worthy DIY craft! You just need your favorite nail polish colors, a water-filled container, and a stir stick. Get creative with your color combinations and decorate away with these 4 simple steps!



    0d5e53c95a3465d17ea90d5a1ae56db9 chalkboard

    7. Chalkboard

    Talk about creative! We just LOVE this idea. And so will the kiddos! There's this snazzy little thing called chalkboard paint and it takes Easter egg decorating to a whole new level! You can draw custom designs on your very own chalkboard eggs! So what are you waiting for? Chalk it up!




    8. All-Natural

    Natural, organic EVERYTHING is all the trend now-a-days. So why not decorate your Easter eggs all-natural too! Believe it or not, you can get bold, beautifully colored eggs just from using roots and vegetables. There is a little more time involved in this style of decorating, but if you want completely non-toxic, naturally dyed eggs, then this is the way to go!

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Now that you've seen our top Pinterest picks, you might be inspired to come up with some new decorating ideas of your own ... and if you need more artistic inspiration for Easter, or your room, check out the oodles of teen decor themes and rabbit art we have on our site, our collection of Easter decor and teen wall art, and even our Wheatpaste Pinterest page!

    We've got a huge selection of unique teen art, new style and fashion trends, dorm and home decor ideas, crafts and projects – with holiday treats and decorations for every occasion!

    So hop on in to this colorful holiday with tons of new, stylish teen decor from Wheatpaste ... then get creative and crafty - starting with the coolest Easter eggs you've ever made!


    bunnies                                                    "Brown Bunnies Jumping Over Flowers"   Eli Halpin





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