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Katie Daisy

A graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, Katie Daisy takes her inspiration from childhood summers spent in Northern Illinois farm country. With a wildflower-toned palette, Katie paints directly from the heart. Her pieces inspire self-discovery and liberation and have struck a chord with thousands of admirers around the world. She is delighted to be able to share her work directly with these fans through her own shop, and also via licensing for a variety of beautiful products. Katie currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her two cats, Basil and Clementine.

WP: Your work is so filled with positivity and sunshine! What do you use as inspiration?

KD: I’m inspired by so many things! I grew up on a farm in Northern Illinois, so anything that brings me back to my rural roots is key. I’m inspired by creek swimming, abandoned farmhouses, barn kittens, wildflower meadows, canoe trips that creep into the night, cat tails, hummingbirds, warm summer rain, and wearing a breezy cotton dress.

WP: When did you know that you wanted to be an artist?

KD: I feel that I’ve always been an artist. When I was tiny, I used to draw on placemats and napkins in restaurants. My mom would come prepared with crayons & pens in her purse. My parents nurtured my creativity at a very young age and made sure I knew that ANY dream was attainable. I owe so much to my beautiful and encouraging parents.

WP: If you could collab with any artist from any time, who would it be and why?

KD: Frida Kahlo! I absolutely love Frida’s color palette, subject matter, and love of the natural world. I also admire her complete authenticity. Frida was fearless in her art and much of her life. Although she suffered from tremendous pain, she was still able to see beauty and live a life of passion. I suspect that we would set up our easels in her Casa Azul garden, while the monkeys scampered and birds fluttered around us. We’d drink horchata and dish on Diego.

WP: What is your go-to method of creating? Drawing, watercolor, acrylic, etc.? What is your process?

KD: I always use watercolor and acrylic paint when creating. I find this combination flexible enough that I can achieve both transparency and bold, velvety textures. Whenever I feel the urge coming on to create, nothing will stop me. I spend a good amount of time pouring inspiration: whether in photos, a particular song, or meditation, and recalling fond memories of the many experiences I’ve been blessed to have. Next, I’ll sketch out an idea and start painting. At this point I’ll already have so much bubbling up inside me that it seems the work is finished before it even begins. It’s a very intuitive process.

WP: Where is your favorite place that you have traveled

KD: I LOVE Big Sur! There is such a wild beauty that exists on this 90 mile stretch of land.  I recall a time where I sat on the enormous cliffs and watched the turquoise blue tide come in and out. It was pure magic. It’s hard to pick just one place, though. I also have a deep connection to The Blue Ridge Mountains, the Illinois Prairie, and Northeastern Iowa along the Mississippi River.

WP: Where do you want to go next?

KD: I’d love to go to Ireland or Italy, the lands where my ancestors are from. I’ve never been out of the country and know that when I do finally venture out, worlds of inspiration will be uncovered.

WP: Describe yourself in 5 words.

KD: Nurturing, light-hearted, optimistic, breezy, & catlady.

WP: What’s your favorite color?

KD: Right now? A bright, summer’s day yellow with a gentle breeze.

WP: Would you rather go to space or explore the ocean?

KD: The ocean, for sure! I’d love to swim around and talk to whales, jellyfish & other critters that are still unknown.